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Malware and Virus Removal

Is your computer slow? Are you getting email from friends saying you've got a virus?

Virus removal can be a tedious, time consuming task. Let us handle the virus removal for you. We have proven techniques and specialized software to remove viruses, spyware, and fake antivirus software. After we remove the viruses, malware and spyware from a system, we install and update a high quality free antivirus program (license free for home users only) or any antivirus you already own a valid license for.

What can spyware do to me or my computer?

Spyware removal is very important. Spyware can do all sorts of nasty things to your computer. Spyware can gather data on your website surfing habits- including private banking information and serve up "spammy" ads for specific products or services. It can also turn your computer into something like a remote-controlled robot, sending spam e-mail messages to your contacts and other addresses repeatedly while you're trying to do your work. Your system can also be used to store data, such as e-mail lists, stolen personal information or illegal photographs containing adult material or other illegal topics. Some spyware is designed to capture every keystroke and mouse click, allowing a hacker to follow you around the internet in real time, as you log in to your bank account or other sensitive sites.

Why should I worry about Malware or Fake Antivirus programs?

Malware removal will hinder your computer's performance, sometimes drastically. Our techs will remove any malware that has infected your computer. Broadview Technology Solutions specializes in removing stubborn malware from any computer. We use foolproof malware removal methods to remove any malware program from any system. After the malware has been cleaned, our trained technicians will also install anti-virus and anti-spyware software to protect your computer from the newest virus and spyware threats as they are released.
Fake antivirus programs have become so prevalent within the past few years. It starts with a pop-up window that relays some "helpful information" to you such as "Your system is infected with a virus!". The pop-up message will try to tempt you to click on that window *anywhere* to get you to install the software and supposedly clean up all those nasty nonexistent viruses. It's very important to NEVER click on the window with that type of message. Only click on the red X at the top right of the window, or alternatively press ALT+F4. That should close the pop-up window. If the pop-up windows keep ocurring, you should attempt to close your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome), then do a full virus scan with your currently installed antivirus program. In the event a user is tricked into installing this fake antivirus, they are soon prompted to purchase the "Full Version" of the software to get full protection from these imaginary threats. Don't fall prey to these nasty programs. There are good sites out there to download free (not illegal) software from like FileHippo, CNet, and TuCows. Use them instead of falling prey to a pop-up window.

What should I do if I think my computer has a virus?

Most importantly- don't use it. Shut the computer down until you can get the system scanned and cleaned of any virus infection. Write down any odd behavior that you noticed from the computer such as pop-up windows when you're not surfing the internet, or extreme sluggishness, etc etc. If you keep your computer powered on and connected to the internet, it can be downloading more viruses in the background while you are performing legitimate tasks such as surfing the web, creating or editing documents, etc. Also if your computer is connected to a wired or wireless network, a virus can try to infect other computers on your network or over the internet.
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