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VoIP Phone Service

Want to save money every month on your phone bills?

With Voice over IP phone service, you enjoy ultimate flexibility with call handling and a lower bill every month. Create a professional telephone presence with your own branded voiceovers or just a simple greeting. The decision is all yours.

Unlimited Extensions

With your own phone system you can create as few or as many extensions as you need. From a small business office with 3 employees to a call center consisting of hundreds of telemarketers. Either way, you're ready for growth. Just add phones as needed.

Call Recording

Make inbound or outbound call recording automatic or manually activated. Stored files are recorded on your hard drive then you can back them up to a local destination or your favorite online backup service.

Follow Me Option

If you want to be the first extension to ring for an incoming call, but not the last extension then this option is for you. Say you have an incoming call and you're at extension 1000. First x1000 will ring for a predetermined amount of time, then x1001, x1002, x1003 and so on and so forth until someone picks up or until the end of the list is reached. Then a predetermined action will happen- usually putting the call through to voicemail.

Ring Groups

If you want multiple phones to ring simultaneously, then use the ring group option. For example, if you have an incoming call, you can specify 2, 3 or more extensions to ring at once. Whomever picks up first gets the call. This is a great solution for small businesses that have staggered lunch breaks and no dedicated inbound call representatives, or for larger companies that have specific departments that calls should be routed to.

Call Parking

If you need the call parking feature, we can make it happen. It's great for if you're at one desk and you need to park the call while you move to another location.

Conference Calls

You decide the room number and PIN for conference participants inside and outside your organization. There is a separate PIN for the conference administrator.

Soft Phones

It's usually best to have hardware phones at your office. But what about virtual employees that are not in the office? Many free softphones are available which remote employees can use to be part of your team. If you already have a VPN set up, the communication between your office and the remote location will be encrypted and secure. If not, contact us and we can help you set up a VPN server.

Industry Standard Compatibility

Any SIP compatible phones will work with this system. Cisco, Polycom and Linksys are some of the largest VoIP phone manufacturers. Use phones you already own or get the phones you need with additional lines from us.
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