Cloud Backup

Secure Cloud Backup

Encrypted before it leaves your computer, encrypted during transit to the cloud space, encrypted at rest in the cloud. Simple, secure and reliable. HIPAA compliant cloud storage.

secure cloud backup

Free SSL Certificate

An encryption certificate is required for a secure connection between two systems on the internet. A certificate is included with each account so you can ensure your data is safe and sound when it crosses the web on its way to the cloud.

hipaa compliant backup

HIPAA Compliant Backup

HIPAA compliant storage space. Meets HIPAA compliance requirements in the United States and the European Union. Rest assured even if the cloud provider were to get hacked, your data is safe and won't be seen by anyone.

office 365

Office 365 Backup

Protect your Outlook emails, contacts and calendar appointments. Back up your OneDrive files from your desktop. Safely store your company's Sharepoint files as well. Unlimited space for everything important to your business!

This cloud is what you need for your business' most important assets. Your data, your intellectual property, your HR documents, your HR records... it's all safe here. We utilize cloud providers that are HIPPA compliant to guarantee the safety of your data.

Backup is very important, even more so than having a Managed Antivirus software in place. Most antivirus software works off of a list of known bad pieces of code that it compares to the files on your computer. If your small business happens to be the victim of ransomware or a NEW virus just released in to the wild, the antivirus companies probably don't know about it yet or how to recognize it... so if it's not on the known list of bad code chunks... the AV won't catch it.

A good quality Managed AV will catch 99% of viruses and malware out there and it will do so quickly. But having a great backup is just as important.