Managed IT Services

All Managed IT Services packages include the diagnostic agent. The diagnostic agent keeps us informed of changes in software or hardware that can signal the beginning of performance or security problems. Here are some examples:

  • Excessive CPU Load (When EVERYTHING seems sluggish!)
  • Escessive Memory Utilization (It's taking FOREVER to open and close programs!)
  • Excessive Drive Utilization (HDD light stays on and HDD keeps grinding away)
  • Hard Drive Health (Any odd noises from the hard drive or SMART errors)
  • Internet Connectivity (System can alert us if your PC or Server goes offline too long)
  • Critical Events in the System Logs (Application incompatibility, failing Windows services)
  • Excessive Failed Login Attempts (Am I getting hacked?)
  • File Backup Completion Status (How do you know when your backup is done? Is the copy in the cloud safe from hackers?)
  • Success or Failure of Antivirus Updates (Antivirus doesn't work without new updates.)

These issues can and WILL affect your IT infrastructure and then like a domino effect, the business it supports. To neglect the status of these is to add downtime and disaster in to your business plan. Be proactive and get ahead of the problems with managed it services.

Priority Response to Managed IT Services Alerts

Response to Managed IT Services alerts will be given priority over non Managed IT Services customers. This ensures response time saved waiting for a tech to help will be kept to a minimum. We can begin troubleshooting via the quickest and most efficient means possible to hasten the resolution. The response is made during our normal business hours.


IT Help Desk Service

Managed IT Services customers benefit from our Help Desk Service which includes use of the online ticket portal. For any Managed IT Support issues that the monitoring does not alert us of (such as questions about using productivity software or other line of business applications), you may open a support ticket on our portal as an alternative method of contact, so forget fumbling around for a phone number! Scroll to the bottom of any page on our website and click Open A Ticket to be directed to our online portal. This way there is an accurate record of when the ticket was opened so we can monitor response time and resolution time as well as give the customer a convenient way to see the status of any open tickets.


Monthly Reporting

Monthly Managed IT Services reporting will show you a summary of the issues that came up as well as vital stats about your servers and workstations. Is your server keeping up with its current workload or does it need an upgraded CPU? Do you currently get this information emailed to you? Are your workstations handling the programs you need them to? Can you upgrade them with a few cheap parts to squeeze another year or two out of your existing equipment? You will have that valuable information with these reports and our guidance. Managed IT Services will help you understand any and all of your options as well as the impact on your business process.


On Site IT Services

Not every Managed IT Services problem can be solved remotely. Hardware failures, site down situations and viral outbreaks are all examples of situations which are best handled in person by an experienced and capable technician. That's why we include on site service with Managed Services agreements.

Priority On Site IT Services

With a Managed IT Services agreement, you will receive same day or next-day on site support if required. No scheduling a time a few days or week later because the schedule's too full. Get someone on site fixing the problem within a reasonable amount of time.

Help Desk Service by Phone or Email

Not all businesses are the same. That's why you want a Managed IT Support partner that will be flexible in addressing the business needs that arise when they arise.

Managed IT Service Response Times

Also known as an "SLA" or Service Level Agreement. This is mostly applied to servers, core network devices and Line of Business applications. The importance of these systems to your business is great, and issues concerning these devices should be treated with the highest priority. We put in writing what our response time is going to be so you know when to expect IT support to be on site.

Managed IT Service Moves, Adds and Changes

Your business changes, and so do your IT needs. Rest assured, if you need a server moved from one closet to another or all the way across the cities, we can make sure it arrives safely and is fully functional. If you need a workstation moved from one office to another or from one cubicle to another, we will assist and make sure everything is in working order when it gets to its new home. Then you're right back to work like it should be.

Vendor Mangement

Remember how difficult it seems sometimes to talk to your internet service provider? Does it feel like they speak a foreign language? Does it take too much of your time to restore a file from your cloud backup? Having trouble explaining what you want to your VoIP phone service provider? We help you save time there too. We know the jargon, we understand the right things to ask for and what needs to be ready *before* we ask for it. This is also included with our Managed IT Support agreements. This will save you a considerable amount of time as well.

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