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Managed Antivirus

Managed antivirus for small business. Use professional grade software so that you can  keep the bad guys out. Quality protection at a very affordable price. A real person to speak to if you have any questions because a chat bot or outsourced helpdesk just doesn't cut it.

managed antivirus

Enhanced Threat Detection

Real-time scanning and heuristics help catch malware that has not been released yet and it stops working while we work to identify it. This proactivity stops potential threats before they even enter the network.

managed antivirus

Automatic Updates and Patching

Updating hundreds of anti-virus products in a corporate one by one is almost unheard of and certainly cannot be described as efficient. Managed software automatically updates itself and will alert the IT department if updates are failing.

managed antivirus

Centralised Management and Monitoring

We manage the application exceptions and configuration of the antivirus software so you don't have to worry about whitelisting work related applications and blacklisting productivity-killers like games or music streaming programs.

Monitoring Updates

With managed AV software installed on your system, you don't need to worry about whether or not your antivirus software is getting updated regularly. We watch the updates for you.

Current Definitions

Did you know that major antivirus companies add new virus definition files as many as three times per day? Current definitions means your managed AV software will recognize the newest viruses.


Bitdefender was recently rated by an independent IT-Security organization called as the highest scoring Antivirus software for Business Desktops. We know you want the BEST for yours!

Don't Slow Down

Bitdefender ranked highest in Protection, Performance and Usability, so you can rest assured you're getting the protection you need to prevent all sorts of malware, viruses and even just unwanted bloatware.

A great managed it support plan includes antivirus service. Managed Antivirus is one of many features we offer so you can keep on working without any IT headaches.

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