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Laptop Won't Turn On?

Try disconnecting the power supply, taking the battery out, holding down the power button for 30 seconds, then reinstall the battery and plug in the power supply and power it on. No luck? Try the same procedure but leave the battery out. Still no go? Click the button below!

laptop screen replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screen broken? For immediate access to retrieve important files off of it, use the built in VGA or HDMI ports. Plug one in to a monitor or TV to use until you can bring it in. Want an estimate for laptop screen repair? Email us your laptop make and model to get started.

laptop repair

Laptop Won't Boot?

If your laptop turns on but won't let you get back to work, drop us an email or phone call and we'll get you back to work ASAP. Most of the time the turnaround is 2 to 3 business days, but we try to work diligently to resolve the problem and get you back to work sooner!

virus removal

Laptop Virus Removal

Got some bugs in your laptop? Shake 'em out and get back to doing what you want to do! Spyware removal, malware removal and ransomware removal. We'll get you back to normal ASAP!

Screen Broken?

Most laptops are $99 plus the cost of the parts. Call or email us with the model number of your laptop to get a quote!

Our Staff

A small school of fish (still growing) in a big pond. We know what it's like to stay scrappy and work hard to earn your trust.

Slow Laptop?

Most laptops we can speed up with a remote session. Stay home, stay in and still get laptop repair!

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Feel free to drop a line, an email or even a text. Say hi, ask us a question or set up an appointment for laptop repair!

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